New blog !

So this is the new blog. edit Replaced by ghost /edit

This is a toy project to learn ember and foundation and it took me about 3 weeks to build during my free time.

Ember for a blog ? Are you sure ?

Yup, this is clearly suboptimal (Jekyll would have been much better) but I needed an excuse to learn Ember, because it's super cool ! The backend is still the same old wordpress, with the plugin json api, So i didn't have to write a single line of php \o/

Foundation is neat alternative to bootstrap, and it's built for mobile first (waiting for bootstrap 3), so it was pretty easy to build a responsive design. Also I took this chance to learn sass.

All of the code is on github. I still have a couple of things to improve but this first version is ready to be put in use ^^ I'll probably post something in a few days about the things I learnt from this, especially, ember's gotcha and the likes.