Rails tutorial/book

I just finished Michael Hartl's tutorial on rails and it's a very good one. Currently I am more interested in starting developing android stuff but rails left me a really good impression.

At the beginning though it's a little bit daunting since there are so many magic and convention. I'll try to find or make my own cheat sheet about that. I'm far for understand every bits of this book but it's a good start. I also really liked the notion of test driven development (tdd). It slow down the development at the beginning but it's really useful to have a full test suite one can run to check if the last improvement broke something. Also it force the developer to have a really clear idea of where he's heading to. I'll try to apply these principles where I can (don't know anything about that for java or android for the moment).

Also there is almost no customization for this tutorial, one can find the sources on github.